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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Sep 28, 2020

What Shannon Shares:

  • How astrological cycles affect our everyday lives
  • Directing our understanding of astrology into personal growth
  • The significance of Mars in retrograde and what we can expect in the coming months

What You’ll Hear:

  • 2020 forward from an astrological standpoint
  • What is a retrograde? What does Mars...

Sep 24, 2020

What Pam Shares:

  • The importance of understanding our bodies and why self-exploration is crucial
  • Feminism as it relates to social empowerment and education
  • Embodied sex education- Take Back the Speculum


What You’ll Hear:

  • What feminism is right now
  • How to overcome being disempowered sexually
  • Understanding what sex...

Sep 17, 2020

What Matthew Shares:

  • The impetus to ensure the information we intake pertaining to disease is factual
  • Understanding the conflation between science and hope
  • Why hope and hopeless are two sides of the same coin
  • Why being “hope-free” is an important skill to learn

What You’ll Hear:

  • Germ Theory versus Terrain...

Sep 2, 2020

What She Shares:

  • The historical foundations of the consolidation of whiteness

  • Collective Healing vs. Personal Healing-- How Are They Related-- are they automatic?

  • The timeline of the emergence of the new wave of identity politics and its impact


What You’ll Hear:

  • The role of collective and individual...