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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Oct 8, 2018

In this special episode of the Magamama podcast, my right-hand woman Lynn Wolfbrandt interviews four women who have taken my course Activate Your Inner Jaguar. They share their experiences in the course, from decreased social anxiety, increased intuition and inner knowing, a more comfortable mindset around chronic illness, more congruence between what they desire and what they experience, and a newfound ability to shift from freeze during sex to a more fulfilling intimate relationship with their partner.

We also interviewed the partner of one participant, to hear from him around what changed for him during the course. He experienced a profound shift in relationship and intimacy due to his wife’s experience in Jaguar.

Thank you to Alysse and Dan Doty, Susie Connerley, Stephanie Sandleben and Dorie Silverman for your intimate shares.

The next round of Activate Your Inner Jaguar begins Tuesday, October 9th. Register at