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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

May 11, 2021

In this episode, Kimberly and Livia discuss Livia’s latest book “The Somatic Therapy Workbook” and how it came to be during a difficult marital separation. Livia shares how writing her book was an anchor in the midst of relationship chaos, all while mothering and how to co-regulate with children at developmentally appropriate ages. Livia walks us through her ultimate decision to separate from her ex-partner as healthy self-preservation, as well as the difficulties of doing so within a family unit. 




Livia Shapiro is a mother, long time yoga practitioner and teacher, somatic psychotherapist and author. Livia writes on the intersection of yoga, somatics, and psychology. She is the author of “The Somatic Therapy Workbook: stress-relieving exercises for strengthening the mind-body connection and sparking emotional and physical healing.” Her article “Yoga-Based Body Psychotherapy” is published in the International Journal of Body Psychotherapy and is a tool for weaving yoga and psychotherapy into a seamless psychotherapeutic model. As a Somatic Psychotherapist Livia works holistically, helping women reorient and repair their nervous systems to live more vibrantly and powerfully.



What They Share 

— Betrayal and infidelity in a marriage while mothering

— How to co-regulate with children verbally and physically during crises

— Separating and single parenting/co-parenting

— Living with actual reality vs. desired reality

— Preserving Oneself as ultimate act of Mothering



What You’ll Hear

— Livia shares writing “The Somatic Therapy Workbook” during a life crisis

— Dealing with difficult pregnancy physically and emotionally

— Experiencing miscarriage as grace

— Livia’s “Fully incarnate” soul into body as a woman, therapist, mother, human

— Blighted ovum miscarriage

— Break-up of relationship with ex-partner and daughter’s father

— Family secrets and developmentally appropriate honesty with children 

— Boundaries, privacy, and protection with children

— Betrayal and shock during marital crisis and mothering

— Repairing after marital arguments in front of children

— Spousal separation while parenting

— Giving children language during difficult times

— Single parenting

— Co-regulation as acknowledging difficult emotions for children

— Confirming realities instead of hiding for children

— Lack of confirmation leading to cultism, narcissism, binary thinking

— Growing up without honest conversations between parents and children

— Teaching verbal and bodily ways to shake out a tense situation

— Sharing space both individually and together with children

— Needing individual and emotional space from children

— Healing, repairing, and recalibrating from infidelity

— Infidelity as a power struggle

— Self-preservation within a family dynamic

— Discovery trauma occurs when told of betrayal

— Grieving future sibling loss with same parents as a result of separation

— Difficulty accepting potentially new parents in child’s life after separation

— Family in-tact doesn’t necessitate individual being in-tact

— Kimberly’s desire for marriage and leaving relationship with child’s father and Brazil

— Being first person in lineage to divorce

— Evaluating relationship difficulty vs. needing to leave traumatic situation

— Leaving unhealthy environments as necessity and self-preservation

— Accepting what is true and not what wished was true

— Claiming self as mother, wife (ex-wife), author

— Need for Applied Psychology for all body-workers and somatic professionals

— Yoga teachers as somatic practitioners

— “The Somatic Therapy Workbook” for all practitioners (yoga, birth, therapists)

— “The Somatic Therapy Workbook” complimenting and pairing with “Call of the Wild”





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