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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Feb 3, 2023

In this episode, Kimberly and Katie discuss Katie’s work as a somatic therapist, intuitive guide, and healer. She explains how she came to her craniosacral and healing work as a young child. She discusses chakras as the portals between our nervous systems and our spiritual connection, as well as the importance of grounding, alignment, and the heart space. They discuss heartbreak and grief as utterly human, and how the internet serves as the nervous system for the collective. Katie offers hope for maintaining our connection, regulation, and containment during difficult times.



Katie Dove is a somatic therapist, intuitive guide, healer, and mystic with over two decades of experience working with individuals and groups. She is a keeper of ancient wisdom, exploring new paths for the preservation of human nature through connection to mother nature. Her methods weave a mixture of experiences she has collected over time, modalities she has personally cultivated, and extensive studies in transpersonal psychology and craniosacral therapy. With exploration in voice, touch, sound, and movement, she guides her clients and students to investigate habits, freedom of choice, expressiveness, and the wealth of sensory information within and around them.

What She Shares:

–Katie’s journey as a healing practitioner

–Chakras as nervous system regulators

–Grounding, aligning, and vulnerability

–Internet as a collective nervous system

–Mothering from the heart space

–Upcoming in person and online classes

What You’ll Hear:

–Initiation into healing journey at three years old

–Felt light sensation passing through sister’s body into own hands

–Raised Catholic and trying to make senses of experiences

–Developed ability to sense into the body

–Experienced trauma and initiation into shadow work

–Mapping unseen terrain of the body, psyche, and soul

–Began massage school and followed craniosacral teachers

–A gift funneled through framework of somatic work

–Holding circles and living principles of community

–Psycho-structural balancing

–Facilitating alignment with Source

–Conscious relationship with Source through somatic and transpersonal psychology

–Chakras as intermediary between nervous system to ethereal 

–Flow state as full relationship and trust to that which moves us

–Self-regulating and Source

–Not living in heart is not living in relationship to Source

–Grief as a portal to Source

–Acknowledging the collective heart right now

–Entering through the heart space instead of the mind

–Develop our relationship to the Vertical

–Grounding into Earth and finding individual pathway to the Vertical

–Myth of aloneness causing devastation

–Source regulation means being in our power

–Deeply rooted vertically to connect horizontally to world around us

–Chakras supported by consistent, vertical rooting

–Nervous system can remain grounded

–Spiritual bypassing occurs with no substance or rootedness

–Cannot bypass our own hearts and connection to One Heart

–Better to have broken heart than an uninhabited heart

–Brokenheartedness makes us humble, curious, and driven

–Experiencing heartbreak when becoming pregnant

–Gift of expansion through motherhood

–Connection to the planet is connection to the Greater Heart

–Stewarding our bodies and Mother Nature

–Internet as a collective nervous system

–Turning to internet as a responsibility to coregulate in online world

–Grounding online world back vertically

–Individualism is not goal at this edge of human evolution

–Walking the edge is revolution

–The unnegotiable open heart

–ROLFing for the chakras class

–Upcoming online classes on source regulation, grounding techniques, and containment