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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Feb 12, 2023

In this episode, Kimberly and Esi discuss how to lean into discomfort during difficult conversations. Esi explains her background growing up in a Black middle-class family in Los Angeles, how she came to her current work and offerings, and her four years of somatic experiencing school. During that program, Esi learned how to stay in her body as a Black woman with mostly white individuals, especially surrounding discussions of race and racism. Through the years, she learned the importance of non-shaming, curiosity, and having truthful conversations through difficult topics and uncomfortable experiences. She offers a nuanced perspective and radical medicine in a time when most are quick to cancel or dismiss. Her Human Slop course begins February 19th.



Esi Wildcat is a Somatic Practitioner and Ceremonialist, an Ordained Priestess of Isis, a Shakta initiate and yogini in the lineage of Sri Vidya, certified holistic health practitioner, and interdisciplinary healing artist with over 20 years of expertise. As a bridge builder to the New Earth, she is making waves in the cultural somatic realm and is injecting the social justice sphere with much needed humanness and nuance. Esi seeks to highlight the extraordinary in the ordinary – and how the power of presence in our lives can transform not only how we relate to ourselves, but the world around us. Her upcoming offering, Human Slop: A Radical Aliveness Worldworking Dojo, starts February 19th.

What She Shares:

–Esi’s upbringing and call to her work

–Somatic experiencing school and feminine chaos

–Avoiding cultural scripts and bypassing

–Radical aliveness and magic of being human

–Human Slop circle coming February 19th

What You’ll Hear:

–Cultivating awe and wonder everyday

–Deep connection to unseen world

–Attended Radical Aliveness Institute

–Learning to be with the feminine (chaos)

–Mentor’s nuanced perspective on systems of oppression

–Subversive work recognizing beauty

–Sanitization and carefulness of somatic experiencing programs

–Decision to not be trauma-informed as a practitioner

–Working towards real racial integration in community

–Being in reality of tensions 

–Accessing and thriving from own life force and vitality

–Deconditioning from being the “good girl”

–Pain and tensions around race and difference

–Systemic influence in personal contexts

–Telling truth of socialization around race and class

–Spiritual bypassing versus holding multiplicities

–Addressing rage, anger, and collapse

–Subversiveness in being alive and feeling instead of running away

–Learning to stay and increasing capacity for conflict and disappointment

–Remembering to human and holding grief

–Living in a traumatized culture and a loss of soul

–Ripples for culture making and the magic of being human

–Human Slop: A Radical Aliveness Worldworking Dojo

–Upcoming program starts February 19th




IG: @wildholyhuman