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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Apr 12, 2023

In this episode, Kimberly and Katie discuss the roles of student, teacher, mentor, elder, and friend. They discuss their experiences in each of those roles but how many conflate them. In an age of constant information, many want to consume, but few commit themselves to the devoted path of long-term learning. They also discuss different teaching styles, finding elders versus mentors, and their experiences of being teachers and students. Katie highlights the value of being in circle with others as a commitment to learning and growth. 



Katie Dove is a somatic therapist, intuitive guide, healer, and mystic with over two decades of experience working with individuals and groups. She is a keeper of ancient wisdom, exploring new paths for the preservation of human nature through connection to mother nature. Her methods weave a mixture of experiences she has collected over time, modalities she has personally cultivated, and extensive studies in transpersonal psychology and craniosacral therapy. With exploration in voice, touch, sound and movement, she guides her clients and students to investigate habits, freedom of choice, expressiveness, and the wealth of sensory information within and around them. Her upcoming course “Inhabit the Heart” is a four week journey into deep relationship with self and soul.

What She Shares:

–Roles of student, teacher, mentor, and elder

–Path of deep inquiry and devotion

–Reciprocity between teacher and student

–Learning and embodying versus consuming

–Important of circle and communal spaces


What You’ll Hear:

–What it means to be a student

–Katie’s relationships with teachers and students

–Teachers versus mentors

–Worth in long-term relationships with teachers and mentors

–Being curious and humble to receive teachings

–Path of deep inquiry

–Understanding real devotion and repetition

–Experiencing similar teachings with different transmissions

–Maturing beyond teacher pedestals and accepting human limitations

–Valuing different ways of wisdom teachings

–Story-tellers as original teachers

–Awareness of different teaching styles

–Valuing shared wisdom and intuitive knowledge of teachers

–Embodying as internalizing information

–Greatest teachers embody their teachings

–Consuming information versus embodied knowing and wisdom

–Repeating classes and exploring foundational aspects of the heart and embodiment

–Fundamental difference between therapist role and teacher role

–Safe spaces blocking real learning and growth

–Remaining in long-term practices and observation spaces

–Public role of apprenticeship and as a learner

–Reaching mastery through devotion of a certain path

–Reciprocity of learning between student and mentor

–Learning through relationship of mentorship and eldering

–Differences between friendship and mentorship

–Being a good student before being a good elder

–Defining what you’re about and what you’re not as a student and teacher

–Elderhood finds you

–Work itself as a teacher, mentors and elder just reflecting lessons

–Circles and communities that are teaching and holding us

–Hours spent in devotion in circle

–Learning versus consuming

–Valuing elders who have longer life experience

–Calling in right students and right teachers

–Knowing what seat you’re taking in which circle

–INHABIT THE HEART: A 4 week journey into Deep Relationship with Self and Soul