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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Mar 16, 2024


In this episode, friends Kimberly and Kendra share their experiences and insights around mothering and the complex webs of care in non-traditional family structures. They discuss the beauty and challenges of single parenting, parenting young children while dating, forming new care structures, and navigating professional roles while mothering children of all ages. They also discuss their co-led upcoming retreat Apprenticing the Web taking place in Booneville, California this September 2024!



Kendra Cunov has been studying, facilitating, and practicing Authentic Relating, Embodiment Practices & Deep Intimacy Work for over fifteen years. Kendra has worked with thousands of men, women & couples in the areas of embodiment, intimacy, communication & full self-expression. She co-founded “Authentic World & Fierce Grace,” as well as “The Embodied Relationship Training Salon” (with John Wineland), and pioneered some of the most cutting edge relation work on the planet. Kendra has consulted for companies such as Genentech & been on staff for 4PC, an elite mastermind for the top 4% of coaches in the world. She works with organizations & leaders, as well as men, women & couples, who know that embodied presence, truth, connection & integrity are our truest access points to success – in business & in love.


What She Shares:

–Non-traditional family structures

–Co-parenting with young children

–Love as a guiding compass

–Mothering and professions

–Upcoming retreat with Kimberly and Kendra in September


What You’ll Hear:

–Apprenticing the Web Retreat September 2024

–Blended families, partnership, and parenting non-traditionally

–Mothering and marriage traditionally and non-traditionally

–Ease as a compass in hard situations

–Kimberly’s pregnant in Brazil

–Making partnerships for co-parenting

–Feeling alone in single parenting

–Mothering alone in marriage

–Centering the child/children

–Facilitating opportunities for children to connect with fathers

–Inquiring in co-parenting

–Love as an invitation to the co-parent

–Dating while single parenting young children

–Work changes through mothering

–Love as a compass

–Managing finances while single parenting

–Wanting to be in the world sooner while parenting young children

–Older children needing more mothering than younger

–Traveling and working while mothering young children

–Creating community as single parents and living abroad

–Benefits of single parenting

–Not wanting to be a buffer while co-parenting

–Unpacking child at the center

–Mothering the culture

–Maiden-Mother-Crone transitions

–Something to “keep up” with while mothering

–Mothering through menopause

–Accepting missing out in mothering

–Responding to life in the moment

–Cultivating capacity for discomfort and the unknown

–Trusting self to respond in the moment

–Being willing to fail relationally

–Curiosity over shaming

–Upcoming retreat in September, California!

–Kendra buying land near Mt. Shasta

–Stewarding the land before building




IG: @kendra_cunov

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