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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Mar 22, 2024

In this episode, Kimberly and Joelle discuss the joys, challenges, and complexities of writing a book and publishing. They met when Kimberly was pitching “The Fourth Trimester” and have connected ever since. Kimberly discusses her journey as an author in relation to her other work previous three books. They also discuss self-publishing, traditional publishing, how the publishing industry has changed because of social media, and the importance of book proposals. Joelle is currently enrolling for the Book Proposal Academy, a six month, robust course and mentorship program that supports new authors through the book proposal process. Register through the link below!



Joelle Hann is an award-winning writer whose essays and poems explore the nature of our deepest relationships, and whose articles have covered the highs and lows of yoga culture, as well as food, film, books and travel. She’s worked in-house as a Senior Development Editor at Bedford/St. Martin’s. A decade later she jumped ship to freelance as a book doctor and collaborator. Since then, she’s developed and written many acclaimed books for authors in the realm of self-transformation, activism, spirituality, health, finance and business. Joelle is also a seasoned yoga teacher and practitioner. Her journalism has appeared in The New York Times, TimeOut New York, Poets & Writers, Yoga Journal, Yoga International, and other publications. Her essays have appeared on NPR, YourTango, Geist, and others. Joelle is also an award-winning poet with an MFA (poetry) and an MA (English Literature) from New York University’s top-ranked program, and many publications in journals and anthologies including McSweeney’s, Matrix, Painted Bride Quarterly, Drunken Boat, Breathing Fire: Canada’s New Poets, Broken Land: Poems of Brooklyn and more.


What She Shares:

–Traditional versus self-publishing

–Pitching your book idea

–Tending to the voice within

–Book Proposal Academy with Joelle begins April 17th!

What You’ll Hear:

–Kimberly’s process of book writing

–Experiences with various kinds of publishers

–Self-publishing process

–Kimberly’s upcoming book deal

–Five main publishing houses and politics

–Differences between first-time proposing versus fourth

–Lack of confidence in initial stage of process

–Small advances versus large advances

–The Fourth Trimester best selling back-listed book

–Publicity and marketing during proposals

–Making the case for your book

–Author versus writer

–BookTok as powerful engine for making authors

–Power of readers to make best-sellers from BookTok

–Hybrid publishing on the rise

–Challenges of self-publishing

–University publishing

–Trauma angles need hope, tools, and resilience

–Shorter and easy to digest are book preferences

–Literary agent burnout

–Soul calling towards writing

–Tending to the voice within

–Following and engagement from audience

–Quality and marketability

–Proposal is key in not getting lost in process

–Proposal is a map for book

–Artistry and practical vision

–Joelle’s Book Proposal Academy begins April 17th!

–Runs for six months through 5 phases

–Early bird sign-up begins April 3rd




IG: @@brooklynbookdoctor

Book Proposal Academy Application: