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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

May 4, 2024

In this episode, Kimberly discusses wild mothering, elder mothers, and mothering from our centers with Tami Lynn Kent, returned special guest, women’s health healer, elder mother, and teacher of previous Jaguar classes. We discuss how to remain in true relationship with the feminine, unlearning how we’ve embodied patriarchy, and living and mothering from our feminine centers. She also discusses the challenges of mothering during these times, especially for mothers of teens and young adults. Ultimately, she offers deep wisdom and medicine for staying true to our centers during these fractured times.



Tami Lynn Kent is a women’s health physical therapist, founder of the original method of Holistic Pelvic Care™ for women, and author of “Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body,” “Wild Creative,” and “Wild Mothering.” She is passionate about the potential in our female bodies and cultivating this vibrant energy that’s meant to run through all aspects of a woman’s life. She draws upon hers daily in mothering three sons now all young adults themselves. Her previous book, “Mothering from Your Center,” is being re-released as “Wild Mothering,” which includes new elder mother wisdom.


What She Shares:

–Deep relationship with the feminine

–Undoing internalization of patriarchy

–Mothering teens during challenges

–Embodied mothering during fractured times


What You’ll Hear:

–Walking in deep relationship with the true feminine

–Boundaries around values and work

–Unlearning embodied patterns of patriarchy within us

–Overcompensation in business

–Bodies giving out from overcompensation

–Women giving up space instead of centering

–Coming into truth of where energy and body are

–Over-extending out of perfectionism and wanting safety

–Helping children find their centers gradually

–Mothering young adults with internet, pandemic, polarization, etc.

–Information is not wisdom

–Importance of listening to embodied wisdom and those with it

–Mothering as a wild journey

–Prioritizing the body and face-to-face

–Embodied presence important to mothering

–Weekly family facetime meetings

–Going through the pandemic with males

–Strain on mothers and families feels higher now

–Lack of safety webs and social supports

–Trends of delaying independence from youth

–Determine of pandemic on isolation and young adults

–Assessing nervous systems after isolating during pandemic

–Embodied care versus smoothing discomfort

–Creative, inspired, moving towards passion, tracking health, connection

–Increase of body images issues in boys

–Getting boys out of looking and more of feeling/felt sense

–Fear of interacting in world

–Tracking and noticing people around us is embodied mothering

–Lost art of tending to home and those around us with presence

–Monitoring screen time for young adults

–Playing online with real peers

–Encouraging children to verbalize online interactions

–Rules as child-specific and season-dependent

–Building trust bridges

–Checking in and checking on

–Creating daily embodied moments with children

–Embodied mothering as the tether

–Presence with children creates more presence within themselves

–Stories we tell our children, stories they hear

–Balancing heavy times as parents

–Lack of deep containers taking toll

–Energetic force pulsing through life

–Reaction versus resonance

–Always new medicine and new hope in true feminine

–Not disassociating from deeper problems

–Living in deep relationship to feminine field

–Tending to our parts of the field is the mending

–Using connection to mystery to do our part

–Repairing a fractured web

–May 11th Mini Mother’s Day Retreat!




IG: @tamilynnkent