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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Nov 23, 2020

What You'll Hear: 

  • Definitions of sex + gender +intersex
  • Sex is a functional category defined by the gametes you reproduce. Males produce sperm; females produce eggs.
  • Sex is binary
  • Gender is the social and cultural attributes and rules based on their sex
  • Intersex is a mismatch between phenotype and genotype, or when sex based on observation is not obvious
  • How common is intersex? Ambiguous genitalia is about 1 in 5000. (The origin of misinformation of intersex as 1 in 200, as common as redheads)
  • Evidence of intersex increasing
  • Explanatory power and unifying systems of evolution and astrology
  • Is evolutionary biology equivalent to Darwinism?
  • How evolutionary biology helps us understand female sexuality.
  • How humans differ from animals- brain size, large energetically expensive brain related to the placenta, walk on two legs, intense social nature
  • Are humans monogamous? Or Non-monogamous?
  • Sex for pleasure, social reasons or reproduction
  • Possible immunological benefit to monogamy- preeclampsia study as an example
  • Female as coy, shy strategy waiting for males to come to them. Darwin in Victorian England. Female in estrus are aggressive and search out mates
  • Strip clubs tips change based on where a woman is during her cycle!
  • Role of homogenous spaces, same sex as well as same gender places
  • Females produce a larger gamete, by definition females invest more heavily in reproduction and take on more risk, which presents asymmetry in the sexes.
  • Why doesn’t the male get to decide about abortion
  • Role of homogenous spaces, same sex, same gender places
  • Controversy of Vancouvers women’s center that is female only
  • Body, felt sense of sex. Our perception of sex is adaptive for coding for “female” and “male” for saefty
  • Preferred gender pronouns and Using respectful pronouns
  • Birth and gender
  • Learning about sexuality through 1st person experience, kids coming to explorations through different avenues.
  • Reductionist biology- we are pieces and parts and can just dismantle and take them apart
  • Human pregnancy is much more expensive and risky than any other species
  • Testosterone has a negative influence on fertility
  • Fertility as an industry, and its impact on women
  • Aquarian battle of the old and new. Futuristic and technological androgynous planet
  • We felt controlled by reproduction and now we want control over it, rather than surrendering to our body
  • Menopause is rare, grandmother investment