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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Oct 30, 2017

This interview is not about offering answers, a strategy or a plan but more how to navigate deep change by embracing the unknown, dancing with mystery and meeting one-self in a tender transparent integrity every step of the way. 

At the beginning of 2017, Jessica's business and marriage were falling apart, she was sinking into debt and found herself facing an identity crisis in both her personal and professional lives. She made a radical decision to embrace her resistance, step into her deepest fears, and set forth to intentionally fall apart in a wholesome way. Kimberly meets Jessica somewhere on her journey in this interview. She's rebuilding her marriage, and navigating how she "does business" from a place that's generative, collaborative and restorative.

Jessica Durivage, the creator of Where is My Guru – an award winning podcast and online school for personal development and spiritual transformation has been a bridge builder for the health and wellness communities and conscious media for over 15 years. Where is My Guru has presented at SXSW, Hanuman Festival, and created the groundbreaking Sex, God & Yoga online conference for women.

Currently, Jessica works with clients and small business supporting them in navigating change, building bridges, and transcending and creating new cultures that meet the business and the individuals who interact with it in an honest and wholesome way. 


In this episode Jessica shares:

Why Jessica dissolved her business

The issues Jessica encountered with a thriving business but a failing marriage, a sick father and in debt

How we know what enough is for us as working women and parents

Placing value on skillset within your passion

How to allow space for yourself from breakdown to breakthrough


What you’ll hear:

“Where’s my Guru” Jessica’s passion project (3:00)

The assumptions made by people on social media when your business is virtual- it’s not often what it looks like (10:00)

Jessica becoming transparent and finding her truth (17:00)

How we feel that we must be a “task master robot” (20:00)

Conditioning from wholeness and placing value on our skillset (25:00)

Slowing down, letting go and leaving room for the unknown to allow things to come (32:00)

Approaching your “to do” list in a different way (38:00)