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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Mar 4, 2020

Jane Clapp’s approach is to weave her diverse training in holistic and mindful strength and movement coaching with trauma-informed mindfulness and nervous system regulation interventions, transforming emotional and physical overwhelm into embodied strength, mobility, and vitality.

What Jane Shares:

  •     How personal necessity inspired her on her path
  •     Discovering coherence in her system when she became a mother
  •     Why she helps people move into sympathetic arousal in order to relax
  •     Ways to access your vitality


What You’ll Hear:

  •     Seeing ourselves as more than just has happened to us
  •     Finding healthy attachment responses within yourself
  •     Experiencing active responses to challenges during birth
  •     Looking at differences in maternal care between countries through a realistic lens
  •     Defining healthy maternal leave
  •     How the structure of parental leave can affect long term parenting dynamics
  •     Developing a deeper understanding of our sexuality within motherhood
  •     Why moving into full vibrancy requires an understanding of healthy sexuality
  •     Why accessing your vital life force energy is necessary for sexual and creative energy
  •     Using movement interventions to come out of shut-down
  •     Adjusting the rhythm of your life to match your biology
  •     Traveling through stress and activation cycles in order to settle and relax
  •     Building movement into your life for
  •     Coming into healthy sympathetic states to create repair
  •     Understanding that whatever you’re dealing with is broader and bigger than just you
  •     Tapping into your healthy aggression
  •     The nuances of health and balance