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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Apr 1, 2020

What She Shares:

  • Why psoas is a central part of birth
  • Shifting from concept to physical movement in your tissues
  • Psoas as innate expression
  • Being coherent with nature
  • Beginning your journey home to yourself

What You’ll Hear:

  • Consciously maintaining our agency throughout the birth continuum
  • Separating cultural conditioning from our animal-ness
  • Trusting the animal body’s knowledge of birth
  • Unlocking your physical organism
  • How ancestral trauma appears in different bodies
  • Learning to shape shift to prepare for birth
  • Why a supple, hydrated, expressive psoas is important for knowing oneself
  • Trusting your own power
  • Understanding the power dynamics between insurance companies, OBs, and birthing women
  • Why your birthing experience affects your rite of passage into motherhood
  • Examining appeasement and fawning responses
  • Why it can feel so exhausting to try to maintain coherence with our animal bodies
  • The difficulty of actively defending ourselves during birth
  • The difference between controlling ourselves and expressing ourselves
  • Finding your biological intelligence in your core
  • The nervous systems as expression
  • Why investing in your birth experience is a radical and loving act
  • Making birth choices that support the earth and the human species
  • How your birth experience affects your infant’s nervous system
  • How a sedentary lifestyle impacts a developing fetus
  • Separating consciousness from the nervous system
  • Psoas as "muscle of the soul"
  • Landing into your bones and embracing the fetal curl