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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Apr 10, 2020

 What Rachelle Shares:

  • Stepping into our next maturation level as adults
  • How our experiences being gestated and born impact us through life
  • Why the physiological birth requires safety and protection


What You’ll Hear:

  • Returning to personal authority and innate wisdom
  • The long-ranging impacts of gestation and birth on an infant
  • Creating healthy, high-functioning adults in the future by prioritizing the care and health of mothers
  • Making decisions during pregnancy and birth to support your child’s capacity in life
  • Aligning ourselves with Thriving Life Principles instead of Death Principles
  • Understanding how separating a mother and baby at birth may impact the baby’s attachment patternings
  • Knowing how the use of Pitocin during birth effects postpartum depression rates
  • Attending to our family’s health and wellness by respecting our physiology
  • Working through fear so that we can align with Thriving Life
  • Understanding that intense experiences are not automatically traumatic
  • Heading the radical call to re-center our power and authority as women
  • Connecting to our food and water sources
  • Birthing in safe and protected environments
  • Protecting the hormonal blueprint of labor and birth
  • The difference between a mental idea of safety and a physical understanding of safety
  • Why interacting while wearing masks feels incoherent to our systems
  • How the imprinting of being born impacts us in every single decision we make
  • Bringing implicit patterns into conscious awareness to begin changing them
  • Looking at this choice point of humanity through the 7 Fires Prophecy

·  Remembering the essentials of being human