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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Jul 30, 2020

Alicia Fajardo is the owner of Transformations Studio in Portland, Oregon and creator of The Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics®. This modality focuses on nervous system health and biomechanics, which include body structure, alignment, and healthy, supported movement.
Because biomechanics are dictated by the nervous system state, understanding basic nervous system function and how the nervous system responds to stress is necessary for understanding the modality. 
What you'll hear:
- The influences and modalities that helped Alicia create her method, Holistic Biomechanics 
- What is motor learning?
- How Alicia played with motor learning to influence her brain and help her body heal something that nothing else would
- Understanding mirror neurons
- How our biomechanics influence our thoughts
- An example from a client session
- The original design of yoga and how it impacts us today
- optimal location of the diaphragm
- What is the valve system
- The Valve System and how yoga influences it- digestion, rate of activity, ANS functions
- Yoga is designed to slow the valve system, to abate hunger and bodily needs for long periods of time.
- What speeds up the Valve System?
- How Kimberly went against the grain to address her prolapse with compression
- People’s first instincts are often the best
- How the Valve System relates to fascia
- Fascia and immunity
- How diet and nutrition affect nerve regeneration
- Positive impacts of cholesterol 
- CBD, THC and the nervous system- neurotoxicity
- How synthetically engineered CBD and THC differs from the organic, wild marijuana plant
- Alcohol also affects the fascia and the nervous system, but in a very different way; what can be metabolized
- The regenerative process and the typical rate of recovery for the myelination of nerves