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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Jan 30, 2018

EP18: Sil Reynolds on Mothering and Daughtering “Better” (Not Easier) with More Connection and Support

You are really in for a huge treat in meeting Sil Reynolds.

She and I have connected intermittently over the years. Although our contacts have been brief, she has given me gems that have stuck with me over time....

Jan 25, 2018

EP 18: Bern Mendez on Finding the Love You Want

Bern Mendez from YourGreatLifeTV helps women find their soulmates, and it works! He believes in big epic love and helps women get there. I love inviting wonderful men on the podcast. Bern’s heart is as big as the world. I hope you love the conversation as much as I loved...

Jan 16, 2018

Ellen Heed on the Four Domains of Pelvic Health- Biomechanics, Biochemistry, Trauma/Emotions and Scar Tissue

What Ellen Shares:

  • How to assess the origins of pain in the body, and the four domains of health
  • Your unconscious mind lives in your body!
  • How castor oil and self-massage can to help heal your scar tissue