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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Mar 23, 2018

This episode is a whole lot of fun. I hope that those of you with book dreams still have them by the end of it, because I hysterically laugh talking about so many parts of the my book writing process, that kind of play out like a blooper roll. But Joelle is a master. She knows how to escavate the soul of a book and make...

Mar 18, 2018

EP: Magamama talks about natural birth, gender roles, and exploratory sex with Carlos Marin Jr.

In this episode, I share:

  • My birth story and soul calling to write The Fourth Trimester;  the realities of postpartum care today
  • Information for men postpartum, role of the masculine in birth, and why we’re not optimizing...

Mar 7, 2018

“We blame the victim, and medicate her as the only offering.”

Dr. Kelly Brogan is a board-certified non-prescribing psychiatrist. She is the author of NYT Bestseller, A Mind of Your Own. (Get your copy ASAP). She is revolutionizing the way that we view mental health and how people heal. She is a pioneer and a...