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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Mar 18, 2018

EP: Magamama talks about natural birth, gender roles, and exploratory sex with Carlos Marin Jr.

In this episode, I share:

  • My birth story and soul calling to write The Fourth Trimester;  the realities of postpartum care today
  • Information for men postpartum, role of the masculine in birth, and why we’re not optimizing our biology
  • How to reframe sex postpartum; why childbirth is the one thing that makes us reconsider the way we’re doing sex
  • Why birth is also a death and other thoughts on rites of passage
  • Thoughts on losing control and increasing your capacity to hold charge  
  • Natural birth vs. hospital birth and how to choose the right care providers
  • Tid-bits on exploratory sex, the connection between birth and sex, and sexological bodywork


You will hear:

  • Is my pelvis going to split in two? And more from my birth story (2:52)
  • Is postpartum depression related to a lack of information? (5:24)
  • What’s missing from the 6-week postpartum visit (6:29)
  • Information for men postpartum (8:09)
  • Reframing the conversation about sex (8:55)
  • It’s okay to not want penetrative sex and other ways to connect (9:10)
  • Childbirth is one thing that makes us consider the way we’re doing sex (9:27)
  • What is a rite of passage? How does it differ in other cultures? (12:11)
  • One of the hallmarks of a rite of passage is a death (13:39)
  • A man’s role in birth is to protect the birth space (21:13)
  • How do you approach prenatal education? (26:25)
  • The two doctors in North County San Diego for natural birth (27:20)
  • Realizing natural births are as safe as hospital births (28:13)
  • How do you prepare someone to lose control? (30:12)
  • Exploratory sex is awesome preparation for birth (31:12)
  • Many women don’t get to lose control during a hospital birth (34:08)
  • Go to the doulas and the midwives to find natural birth doctors (36:00)
  • Find a care provider who believes in women and natural childbirth = activist (36:50)
  • How Carlos dealt with seeing his wife in “pain” during childbirth (38:08)
  • History of birth, witch trials; patriarchy (40:26)
  • On hospitals and creating a birthing environment (45:13)
  • What is a doula? (47:17)
  • The Fourth Trimester (Dec. 26) and why people should read (51:30)
  • My vision that all women can reclaim full sexual expression (59:40)
  • What does postpartum mean to you? (1:00:21)
  • How do birth and sex relate? (1:01:25)
  • What do you do as a sexological bodyworker? (1:09:29)

Two doctors in North County San Diego for natural birth:

Dr. Capetanakis at Scripps Encinitas; Dr. Cobb at Pomerado