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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Oct 27, 2023

In this episode, Kimberly and Dr. Elliot Berlin discuss his informed pregnancy focused chiropractic work. He explains noticing a rise in out of hospital births post-pandemic as well as an increase in hospital restrictions and inductions in hospital births. He discusses various causes of breech positions, his chiropractic approaches to breech babies before birth, as well as the long history of cesareans and how VBACs became stigmatized in recent decades. The common thread through this whole conversation is providing education and information for pregnant people to make the best informed decisions for themselves and their birth.



Dr. Elliot Berlin is an award-winning pregnancy-focused chiropractor, childbirth educator, and labor doula. His innovative techniques for prenatal wellness care address tight and painful muscles and tendons utilizing specific massage techniques based on soft tissue releases. He combines this with traditional chiropractic adjustments to restore motion to restricted joints. Dr. Berlin notably works with several hundred breech babies each year, most of whom turn into the ideal pre-birth position once normal function is restored to the mother's low back and pelvis. He is also the host of Informed Pregnancy Podcast, an award winning pregnancy focused chiropractor.


What He Shares:

–Differences in births post-pandemic

–Chiropractic approaches to breech babies

–History of cesareans

–Informed VBACs

–Mind-Body health for fertility


What You’ll Hear:

–Pregnancies post-pandemic

–Rise in out of hospital births

–Increase in restrictions and interventions in hospitals

–Guiding clients in making best choices for birth

–Training for breech births

–Using Webster technique to reposition breech babies

–Structural reasons for breech positionings

–Functional issues of mother posture

–Minimizing ultrasounds

–Looking at baby position at 32 weeks

–Chiropractic care outside of pregnancy

–Approaches to releases and maintenance

–History of cesareans

–Myths around VBACs

–How VBAC information is portrayed 

–Uterine ruptures

–Insurance policies and cesareans

–Induction drugs causing uterine ruptures in 1980s

–VBAC Facts website

–Using modern technology to improve childbirth

–Downsides to how interventions are applied

–What led Dr. Berlin to his work

–Mind-body practices leading to natural fertility after years of treatments

–Informed Pregnancy podcast

– streaming app




IG: @doctorberlin