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Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Apr 20, 2018

This episode breaks down: what is Sexological Bodywork? What kind of people need Sexological Bodywork? Who would be a good fit to take this training. 

Deej & Uma are international Sexological Bodywork teachers and teacher trainers. I traveled to Australia for them to be my guides and I cannot recommend this training, and them as teachers highly enough.  This year, they’ll be teaching the program in LA, a huge opportunity for those of us in the US!

Take a look at their website to learn more about the program:


What they share:

  • What is sexological bodywork, and how can it help you
  • How their friendship has evolved over the past 20 years of working together
  • Their sexological bodywork training, and how they teach
  • How cultural sexual histories affect trainings across the world
  • What it’s like to witness people coming more alive & more embodied
  • How sexological bodywork bridges the gap between therapy, physical therapy, doctors, & sex therapy
  • Looking at “symptoms” through a positive lens -- seeing them instead as doorways
  • The profession of sexological bodywork: the training is for anyone who is enthusiastic about learning, who wants to explore the body with curiosity, and those who want to go deeper into personal development

What you’ll hear:  (besides my incredibly sick voice)

  • How Deej & Uma became sexological bodyworkers
  • Why they don’t use the words “energy,” “masculine,” or “feminine” during their trainings
  • How they hold space in sexbod trainings for all different kinds of practitioners (from yoga teachers to doctors)
  • The curriculum: learning through experimentation, and shaping the brain and nervous system so that we can have more choice, awareness, and pleasure
  • The differences between cultures, when teaching in Australia, England, & beyond
  • Uma’s experience with a client who didn’t have an erection with a partner for over 20 years, and the daily practices that changed his life
  • Using breath, movement, awareness, and touch to decrease anxiety & increase pleasure
  • Deej’s passion for teaching and increasing erotic embodiment skills
  • Sexological bodywork bridges the gap between professions
  • Kimberly’s experience in sexbod training, with coming into contact with sex work & how that changed her biases
  • Intentionally using different words to reconfigure how we think about the body’s signals, doorways, and opportunities (instead of pathologizing or calling the signals symptoms)
  • If you’re at a session, there is an immense amount of health in your system.
  • We’re missing eroticism and emotion in the professional field, and that’s where sexbod comes in
  • Who makes an ideal sexbod student
  • Immersing in erotic embodiment, and how that changes students